My own fears.... Driving/ riding in traffic,speed on interstates, off on ramps, tractor trailers.
                          Driving/riding over Bridges
                          All these fears have left thanks to tapping on myself several times.
MY own  pain... Foot pain from an old surgery
                       Foot cramps
My own addictions.... smoking and weight..I have not smoked in over 8 years..and have  tapped on
control issues that have set me free me from eating addictions and have help me lose weight and even more
important helped me accept my body..It is so liberating!!!

When I first learned EFT, I was a bit doubtful to try it with other people, feeling shy more than
anything else. Then I tapped myself for  being hesitant to tell people  that EFT  can and will help
them and  since then I have been able to easily talk to anyone who is willing to listen about it.
I have also learned this is not a procedure everyone is interested in or willing to try and
I have had to tap myself to let that go and not feel personally bad if other people are not interested.
This is one of the best parts of learning
about EFT... it has changed my life , and the people I have worked with  lives, so much for the better.

A brief   list of  successful  tapping sessions I have done, there are many more than
these but these are the ones I remember most.

50 yr. old male: a pronounced pain or "crick" in his neck for sleeping wrong.
I tapped for him and he listened.  I used the Set-up, the sequence and the 9 gamut.
1 round and the pain went from a 9 to a 0

55 year old Male: Pain in Knee and leg at a 10. One round of Set-up, the sequence and the 9 gamut.
It moved to his thigh. One round set up/sequence brought it to a 2. e had company arrive at this time
and we stopped. Later he said the pain left but he attributed it to his medicine. (The same
meds that had not made it go away for 9 months)

45 year old Female: Foot and knee pain - described at  a 20.
one complete Set-up,  sequence and the 9 gamut.   I tapped she listened but did repeat the
Set  up affirmation of I deeply and completely accept myself.
We did 2 rounds and accessed her pain level and it was gone.
At that point we did several rounds for the trauma of the death of
her mother. Loss, anger, fear, aloneness and we brought her from a
10 to a 0. She reports a year later although she misses her Mom and
feels sad she doesn't have the emotional/ phyical distress she did have.

26 Year old Female: Fear of Maggots. One  round ,Set-up, the sequence and the 9 gamut., I tapped she listened
and it went from extreme fear  to a zero and she promptly started figuring out how to deal with them.
(They were outdoors by the trash dumpster)

55  Female Shingle pain---- I tapped, she listened
 1 Set-up, the sequence and the 9 gamut brought the pain from crying and a 10
to a 0.  We also tapped for loss of her husband to cancer. and the
grief and anger and unhealthy emotions were gone. The shingles
dried up almost immediately and the next day the Home Health Nurse was amazed.

65 Female   Loss of Mother . We got the distraught to sadness.

34 Female/  over the Phone /fear of dental work/root canal the next day.
She has had to be under gas in the past for this. That day she had the root canal, 2 fillings and 1 pulled
with No pain and she  said she even laughed when she was in the  dental chair.

Female : Foot pain- -10 to 0

Female: Muscle cramp in Arm  8 to 0

Female: Jammed little finger  10 to 0

Female: Cat scratch on lip   10 and bleeding to 0  sealed over

 Male: Falling off ladder on the roof, instant relief for the knot on the head, cut finger and scrape on the leg.
2nd round for jammed finger and he was fine and went back up to work.

Female:  had swollen knee and a lot of anger. She called me that she was going to the emergency room
when her sister came. We tapped for the anger trapped in her knee  and the swelling went down
and the heat went away and the pain was at a 2. She canceled the trip to the ER

 Female 54:   I tapped on her for an earache that was bad and we took it from a 9 to a 0
She asked me more about what you could use it for and I told her fears and phobias etc..
She was excited and asked if I could tap for her fear of balloons and I said I would come and
try. When I got there she said she had a worse fear and that was of Dolls and it had bothered her
all her life and made her feel  As we were tapping she remembered seeing her baby brother
who had passed away in his coffin and her mother making her kiss him. From then on she was terrified of that cold feel a doll had.
We tapped on round Set up/ Sequence/ 9 gamut - I  tapped ,she listened. She said she felt fine about it.
Her husband got a doll that was hidden in the closet  and she was able to touch it and hold it and she even kissed it.
She confided the fear of balloons came from the same day when they had balloons at the funeral. We had
no balloon to test but she said if we did she would have to leave the room. We did Set-up/sequence and 9 gamut
one round and when we finished she said she believed she would go to the store and find balloons.
Later she called me to tell me she bought a package and blew them all up and used them on her christmas tree.
He daughter called me to say she didn't understand what I did but she was overjoyed to see her mother not afraid anymore.

Male 55 :  Back pain----2 round brought the pain from an 8 to a 2
We did constricted breathing and went from an 8 to a 2 The fact he uses a nebulizer made him even more impressed to go to a 2.
We did another round for the back pain and it went to a 0

Female 50: Stiff  neck , at an 8-2 rounds of Set-up, the sequence  took it to a 0
She remarked her toe had been hurting bad where her grandson had dropped a toy on it
and  the borrowed benefit took that pain to a 0.

Tooth ache: from a 10 to a 2 in 1 round. HE said he felt the pain go out through his jaw and leave.

Lower back bowel pain:/Over the phone/  1 round, Set-up, the sequence and the 9 gamut,
made the pain go to a stabbing pain in the back but
part way through the 2nd sequence the pain left completely.

Fear of touching hair: especially in a sink etc. She said it was a 50 sometimes. We tapped
Set Up/Sequence/  and it went away. She could not even think about it and get it to come back up. She thought it was
rather funny she had ever had the problem

Skin abscess: the pain went to a 1 and that night the abscess broke open and the soreness and pain was gone

Bad finger cut with a lot of bleeding: Set-up, the sequence and the 9 gamut,  pain went to 0  and the bleeding stopped

Female: Accepting her husband as he is and not letting it bother her. She later reported HE had changed a lot..

18 month baby -- fever. teething pain. I tapped and talked to him while he patiently sat on the sofa
listening to me. He stopped crying and the fever was gone and he was up playing.
At this point he went to the window and touched a bee..
I immediately tapped him for the bee sting. He was howling but he stopped and just looked at his finger.
The next day it was only a red dot and his mom said it didn't ever bother him.
I love making little kids feel better!!!!!!

Female 25-- was a 9 and went to a 0 in one round of set up--sequence

Female : Extreme grief because she heard her childhood best friend had died in an accident
and the funeral etc was over when she heard. WE tapped for guilt, anger and grief and she
stopped sobbing and said she was still sad but okay.

Female 62  /On the Phone/  Left knee pain with scheduled surgery.
We did one set up-- sequence and she said later she tapped on her knee because she
couldn't remember where I said to tap. But the pain went to a complete 0
and she was walking on her knees, she had not been able to be on her knee in years.
she started hiccuping cupping as we chatted and we tapped for them and they left.
WE only did the sequence on them. She said she couldn't even make herself hiccup
then and usually they last for hours when she gets them..

Couple in their 50's: They were in stress from cooking holiday dinner.
We all tapped together and they felt great with a lot of relief. They had also
won some money and were feeling guilt to enjoy it so we tapped for that and the lady
said it felt like a huge weight lifted off her back. He agreed, but he said the cooking stress
had bothered him more because since they had more money he thought he had to cook more.

Male: Sinus discomfort and a headache. Set up and sequence round
both went from an 8 to a 0.

Female:  Sore neck from sleeping I tapped for her using the set up and sequence.
After she reported it was gone and so was a bad headache she didn't tell me she had.

Male: Back pain as he was working in the grocery. I helped him go from a 10 to a 2
with one round in the grocery back room before he was called out to load groceries.

Female:  Holiday stress to a 0

Female/On The Phone/ NY holiday stress over a son in law. She said she would be able to get through the day.

Female/On The Phone/Florida Extreme father stress. With out knowing the details we tapped and she went from very depressed
distraught to being able to think about it with no problem and she was able to laugh and go back to
her holiday gathering.

Girl 8: Wrist arm itch/rash   from an 8 to a 0 itch

Female:  Sore arm from falling and shallow breathing.
2 rounds Set Up/Sequence  for the arm
one for constricted breathing
one more for the arm and the pain went to 0

Female: neck pain from riding 8 to 0

Female: After holiday -what is it all worth - stress   8 to a 0

Female -40  Knee pain 10 to a 0 in 2 rounds
Lack of money stress
Foot rash related to grown children stress. She related later
her feet had stopped bothering her.

Female 60's: Burning buttocks and feet
10 to a 0 in two rounds of Set Up/sequence
Also we did 2 rounds for sister stress and she said she felt calmer.

Female: Sore toe from kicking coffee table
10 to a 0 in 1 round set-up/sequence

Male:  Cut finger 9 to a 0 in 1 round

Male:  Knee pain 10 to a 0 in 1 round
Foot corn pain. He said it felt better but didn't have any numbers for it.

Female" Terrible headache  went to 0 in 1 round

Female: Mother issues.... just feeling ZZZZZZ from the sound of her voice.
We took it to a low number but didn't work on it any more.

Female:  Father dying anger and quilt  10 to 0  and just sadness

Female: Sleep delay -rerunning the day. We did 2 rounds and she reported the
next day she had went right to sleep with out reruns. and later reported it
had lasted.

Female:  panic attacks after  arguing We did 2 rounds and she said she
didn't feel the distress anymore.

Male:   Back pain   1 round  8 to 0

Female:  40's Abuse issues from a first husband that were  not letting her enjoy her
new marriage to the full extent. She was crying a lot and shaking when we
started and when we finished she said she really didn't know why it bothered her.

Female: Terrible fear of snakes. The very idea made her want to run.
We tapped 2 rounds and although we didn't have a snake we looked at pictures
of them and she said they didn't bother her.  Later she reported she went fishing and that's
where she was most fearful and she saw a snake and it didn't really bother her much at all.
Before she said she would have been up the bank and locked in her car.

Girl 8:  Spider fear. She was standing on a chair because she saw a spider.
I tapped for her and she was able to get off the chair and actually look at the spider
her father had knocked off the ceiling and she felt really sad for the spider he has killed it.

Female /On The Phone/ Canada : Shoulder pain reported at a 10.
I did 2 rounds on the phone and she said she would  just listen. The pain went to 0
Then she said her knees hurt at a 10. She is a retired nurse. WE chased the pain in the left knee to the thigh and
chased it to the calf and tapped it to a 0

Male/One The Phone/ a foot pain from diabetes   the right 10 to 0 in one round
Fear of falling--10 to 0 in 1 round
left foot --10 to no pain but a feeling of a rope in his foot.
Embarrassment at falling, not walking right etc  10 to 0 in 1 round
He reported he genuinely felt a lot better about himself.

Female: loss of sense of smell from many surgeries (sinus)
After 2 rounds she could smell a candle I had on the counter and also
the smoke from the bbq grill. I advised her there were a lot of things out there that smelled bad
so she might want to tap herself for that. She did report when she went in the
road construction it was overpowering but she forgot to tap. And her son said when
they smelled a skunk she reported it really didn't smell bad to her.

Female: Back pain from an accident several months before   10 to 0 in 1 round

Female: Blood in urine. she reported the next day it was gone and has stayed gone.

Female/On the Phone/:  Hip pain when laying down   1- to 0 in 2 rounds

Male 50's /On The Phone/ Canada :  Terrible knee pain from a fall on concrete.
He is a bus driver so uses his knees a lot. I talked to him several minutes at his sisters house and
we went through 2 rounds of the Set Up/Sequence  and brought the knee pain from a 10 to a 0.
His sister called later and said they were astonished when he walked back out of the house
with out a limp or any pain.

Older Male  /On The Phone/  Frozen shoulder with pain.  His man had not been able to
raise his arm  up above waist height  and certainly not over his head in over 3o years. He
said he had dropped something on the floor and when he went to straighten up he couldn't. Years of tests
had puzzled the Drs. and therapists. Exploratory surgery was their last answer and not one he wanted.
I did one complete round with him of Set Up/sequence/ 9 gamut   and he was able to raise his
arm up straight with no pain. We did another Set Up/sequence and he was reporting
he was waving his arm over his head. He was laughing and crying into the phone.
He couldn't quite believe it but he knew it was true. A follow up -several months later
his friend asked him about it and he had to think a minute. After 30 years of dealing with
it in a few seconds it was just a vague memory.   AWESOME!!!

Female 30's:  She had just had a baby a few days earlier and was feeling post birth pain
and had a headache lasting from a shot she had in labor. We did a full round and the
headache was gone. Another 2 rounds of the sequence and she said she was at a 0 for pain
and felt mentally better.

Female 40's:   Very bad headache Went from a 10 to a 0 in 1 round Set Up and Sequence

Female: 20's: Mother Stress and Depression   10  we did 2 rounds of set up/sequence for each
and she said she felt much lighter and better about it although she didn't have a number to
put on it. She had stopped crying and was laughing. In the middle of the 2nd round she
yawned. She apologized but I told her no, that's  okay ,  it is a good release thing.

Female Dentist /on the phone/:  back and hip pain. She had been through a divorce and
resetting up her practice on her own so had a lot of financial worries. After we Tapped 2 rounds
for that the hip pain was completely gone. She said her back didn't hurt unless she pressed her
finger deep into it.

Boy about 10: Bike Fall pain I saw him racing his bike and he crashed it and  he fell into the bar on it.
He was laying in the road, under the bike, crying loudly. I went to him and tapped him
and he got up and stopped crying and said he was okay and left on his bike.

Girl 12: She came and said she had a pain in her side where she bumped into her bed post.
We did one round set up-sequence-9gamut  and she said it was a 0

Female late 20's: Leg pain at a 10 from a fight with her brother and he had kicked her.
We did a round for the anger at her brother and then a round for sadness and a 3rd round for the leg pain
(This was in the middle of the grocery store) She said the pain was a 0 and the anger was a 0.

Female 50's: Shoulder pain. I tapped one round (set up/sequence) for anxieties from her work and caring for an invalid husband.
It went from a long time nagging 8 to a 0

Boy 2: Bee sting . He stopped crying and kissed his hand.

Female: Thumb burn- only three sequence took the pain to 0 and left no redness

Female:  Cut on hand from broken glass   10 to 0 in 1 round and bleeding stopped

Female:  Sunburn ,1 round  Set Up/Sequence and the heat pain was immediately gone

Female: foot pain    Set up / Sequence    pain went from an 8 to a 0

Female:  Toe cramps   sequence only , the cramps left in one round

Female 60/ on the phone/ :  Shoulder pain  2 rounds went from 8 to a 0
Childhood stress and old writing on her walls feelings.. went to a 0

Female 40's: /on the phone/:  anger and anxiety from some personal problems
We ran through several movie versions of this and took down a lot of trees.
She downloaded the manual from Gary Craig's page and has been tapping
for herself.  WE did another phone session for pack pain in her upper back.
She went from laying on the heating pad on the bed crying to sitting  at the computer
talking to me and laughing.

Female /On the phone/: Back pain-lower. I asked ( Because of reading Louise L. Hay's
wonderful book  Heal Your Body ) if she had any financial worries, money issues. She
said no because it was the best she had been financially. But after tapping one round
Set Up and Sequence, she said yes, there were spending money issues but perhaps it
was from issues she has in her first marriage when he had put alot of writting on her
walls about money. We tapped for this and forgiveness and the pain immediatly went to 0.

There are many other people and issues I have tapped for not listed here and it is ongoing
as I seem to tap as often as possible for people.
 I have discovered the APEX is a very real thing and people tend to forget quickly how much EFT has helped them.
( described by Gary Craig .  )

I have had some success with animals, I have not actually tried it much
but when I have it has worked.

For Cats I  have tapped for:
Fear of travel
Fear of loud noises
Fear of strangers
Discomfort from female cat being in  Heat

For Dogs:
kidney failure    the older  lethargic dog who was given only days to live
and sent home from the vets is now eating and active and seems
but be fine. ( I also tapped the pet owner for grief,fear, helplessness and some other
related issues) update on "Punkin"-She lived for several years and the vets called her the miracle pup...


Important note: While EFT has produced remarkable results , it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it. Further, I am  not a licensed health professional andI offer EFT as a personal performance coach. Please consult qualified health practitioners regarding your use of EFT.